Actors for a Cause Official Position on Child Separation at the Border

Actors for a Cause Official Position on Child Separation at the Border

At Actors for a Cause, we strive to promote social justice and make the world a place better for all its inhabitants. Therefore, we feel that it's not only an obligation but also a duty for us to speak up when we see crimes against humanities occurring.

Recently, one such offense has taken place. If you follow the news in any capacity, you are aware of the events happening along the U.S. and Mexican border. Appalling images and stories have surfaced of young children being separated from their parents by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. The zero-tolerance policy for illegal immigration, passed in April by Attorney General Jeff Sessions was intended to create a strong deterrence for people crossing the border. The thought was that threat of family separation would slow attempts from people illegally entering the country. In reality, the law has created a humanitarian crisis resulting in young children being kept alone in camps. It’s impossible not to see pictures and hear stories and not feel similar vibes to other horrific historical events that utilized similar practices. Fortunately, President Trump has recently signed a law, repealing the own doing of his administration and ending family separation at the border. Another step in the right direction was taken when a federal judge ordered that families be reunited as soon as possible.

Political affiliation aside, we at Actors for a Cause vehemently and fundamentally rebuke the notion that children should be used as a tool of deterrence. Families attempt to cross the border for a number of reasons, including fear of persecution and escaping violence. This is not a naïve stance stating that all immigrants should be allowed into the country without order, organization or due process. Rather, an acknowledgment that the current system is a long process that does not always work and that people from all walks of life must make difficult decisions in attempts to protect their families. We are pleased that family reunification efforts have begun, but do not think this stain on American history should be swept underneath the rug. We plan to increase our support for organizations fighting against these types of immigration atrocities and hope that you will join us in doing so.

Actors for a Cause was founded with the hopes of creating a large-scale platform for unification and social change. In today’s world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you must have enemies to yell at and blame when things go wrong. Race, economic status, and political party have become labels that only serve to divide us. We are here to preach a message of empathy for others, even if they do not fall in our immediate social circle or physical location. Those children kept in camps, terrified and alone are no different than your own children or kids you know. They are young, naïve, and curious about the world. They have been thrust into circumstances far outside of their control, and have faced severe trauma and consequences for doing nothing other than existing. We have been uplifted to see such a large, diverse group of people and organization step up and spread the message that we will not stand for such brutalities. It's only by coming together and standing up for what's right that we can create a sustainable difference in our world.