Visit to Tijuana Immigrant Shelter

Girl holding slice of pizza

We are excited to support ONE Children’s Foundation and the amazing work they are doing.

We were able to travel with them to Tijuana and visit a shelter Mision Roca de Salvacion which shelters immigrant families and see firsthand the wonderful job they are doing in helping those desperate in need.

Together with ONE we took pizzas, books, clothing and other goodies for the children and the moms and spend a couple of hours with them where we help them forget for a while the wait that they have until they are call to either receive asylum to the USA or go back home.

It is not easy to support, feed and shelter so many families in one small space but the wonderful people running this shelter are doing just that.

We want to encourage those who are touched by their work to join them, visit them directly.

There are many things they are in need off, most are things we don’t even consider and take for granted.

If you get a change to visit them, please take personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies. Lots  and lots of them, Imagine how much of these products are needed with a large family of 50 or 60 people.

We want to continue so support these causes so get ready to join us together with ONE Children’s Foundation on our next visit to this one and another Immigrant Shelters in Tijuana very soon.

Immigrants need your voices and financial support.

We encourage you to donate directly to either one of these wonderful organizations.