About Actors for a Cause

Making a difference in today’s world can seem like a tall task. Every social justice victory is accompanied by a whole new set of problems. It can leave even the most determined activists feeling hopeless and deterred. Unfortunately, the solution to the issues plaguing our world is not to turn our backs and hope for the best. Rather, we must strap on our boots, roll up our sleeves, and be the driving force for the change we wish to see.

Talking about supporting social justice is one thing, getting it done is an entirely different ballgame. Actors especially can face significant challenges as they attempt to strike a balance between their personal brand and philanthropist efforts. We understand this juggling act better than most, which is why created Actors for a Cause. The following information highlights everything you need to know about us.

Actors for a Cause explained:

As aforementioned, Actors for a Cause was founded on the idea of joining forces with the large network of actors looking for a way to make a positive impact on society and the world. We are an e-commerce platform which aims to raise awareness for different causes through sales of our beautifully crafted and uniquely designed t-shirts. Our hope is to provide a simple method for actors to support their favorite causes while simultaneously spreading awareness on a massive scale.

How it works:   

We offer a range of t-shirts specifically designed to help promote and raise awareness for causes near and dear to our hearts. But that’s not all, because talk is cheap. We actually put money where our mouths are and make a donation to a cause with each t-shirt purchased. This combination makes us a unique e-commerce platform that provides both a quality product and an even higher quality mission.  

The Actors for a Cause difference:

If you’re still wondering why you should support and team up with Actors for a Cause, it’s simple. Our mission is not centered around us but rather focused outward. Our success is measured by the success you find in impacting communities. We like to think of it as a cascading wave of positive momentum. You purchase one of our shirts and we make a donation to a chosen cause. You wear the shirt in public which creates a buzz of conversation and wide-reaching awareness. Other people become inspired to get involved. These people, in turn, donate their time and money, only serving to further the outreach network. Fellow actors see the growing trend and choose to get involved in similar ways, sparking more waves and creating an ever-growing cycle of social justice efforts.

Why t-shirts:

Perhaps this all sounds like a naïve fantasy, but we truly believe that all great change starts with small daily action. Therefore, we set out with the mission to make that action as simple as possible. This journey lead us down a path ending in a lightbulb moment. Everybody gets dressed in the morning and makes a conscious choice on what they want to display to the world. Why not utilize that choice as an opportunity to spread awareness and support important causes? This “aha” moment helped us create something so simple that it’s elegant. Join us and see how easy it is to use your platform to generate massive change.